About us

NorStone is a leading producer of aggregates in Norway. Crushed rock, sand and gravel is the foundation in most of our infrastructure. Either as road building materials, as a main component in concrete or asphalt, or for other uses. Aggregate consumption in Norway is about 11 tons per capita.

NorStone supplies aggregates for concrete and asphalt, for offshore-purposes like bedding and covering for pipelines and installations, railroad ballast and more. From our production sites we ship out 7 million tons per year with a large variety of qualities and fractions. No projects are too large or too small for us.

Most of our production is transported on sea to terminals and customers. This is an environmently friendly way of transport, and gives possibilities for predictible and safe logistics even with large volumes. 

The Norwegian mountains has some of the oldest rock minerals in the world. It is the bedrock itself that was created when the earth was created billions of years ago. These types of rock has excellent qualities with regards to strength and wear. NorStone has large reserves of rock and gravel, and our quarries and pits delivers high grade gravel, sand and crushed rock to the markets.

NorStone blast and extract rock and gravel. We transport materials to main and fine crushing. We sieve, monitor, mix, control and deliver high quality materials in all grades. 

We can mix grades and curves to customers specifications. Our laboratorium control product quality and supply our customers with product declarations. 

NorStone has many years of experince as a supplier to construction of concrete installations, concrete bridges and other concrete construction where high quality is needed.