Various ship sizes

NorStone can offer transport with ships from 800 to 40,000 tdw. Hence we can provide optimized logistics for all kinds of projects.

All along the coast - and more

NorStone delivers crushed rock, sand and gravel to customers all along the coast, both in Norway and abroad. 

Efficient loading

Our production plants have efficient ship loaders, like this at Tau.

Hagland Borg is one of the vessels used by NorStone for bulk transport.


NorStone has many years of experience with shipping of sand and gravel, and have distribution to all the Norwegian coast, as well to other countries in the North Sea region, and to the Baltics. We deliver with self-loading vessels in the range from 800 and up to 40 000 tdw. Our vessels are constructed for transportation of aggregates, and materials will not mix, split or be infected by sea water. The cargo has the same quality at discharge as at loading.

Our shipping agents will provide service and knowledge to our customers. The crews on our ships are trained and experienced in handling and transporting aggregate products.

NorStone handles a fleet of vessels on time charter, but can also handle spot charter.

The Logistics department is located in Oslo, and is a part of HeidelbergCement Northern Europe, which handles sea logistics for our cement activities as well.

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